Why should my child need to attend this workshop?

  • Is your child sometimes becomes aggressive?
  • Not having food properly
  • Facing issue like child is not writing properly in school.
  • Children are not able to concentrate.
  • Is your child mobile addicted etc. then you are in the right place.

Prevention is better than cure.

  • At IPHM while having workshops, training or activities and camp team identifies if a child is experiencing depressed or irritable mood or loss of interest or pleasure. This is important to find a solution to their problem.
  • Since symptoms of depression in adolescents aren’t always easy to identify because they often appear as normal adolescent behavior. Early warning signs are likely to include: irritability, fatigue, changes in sleep patterns, changes in eating patterns, social withdrawal, and/or anger.
  • We at IPHM conduct workshops for students where they get motivated for the things which they expect to do and our expert team identifies issues if any and resolves through a holistic approach.