• We all have not born as parents our age is same as our child’s age. Leaving life without learning is always dangerous. So, earn a childhood within you with learning a parenting technique.

Give your child life fulfilled with happiness.

  • Motherhood and Fatherhood is a beautiful yet exhausting journey, full of many interesting and overwhelming incidents. In this life journey, we take a pause, think and plan many important things of life such as when you start your career, Important decisions like marriages, Financial planning while thinking to have a baby in your life but once we are on board of this parenting flight do we pause and think what we should do? How we should do? and so many questions.
  • In this journey, we face many issues, challenges and many good experiences too.
  • Are we in the process of establishing so-called expected behavioral, phycological, physical and emotional growth of a child? If yea then, Our IPHM team is always there to help you out to make your parenting journey more beautiful, easy and enjoyable. Understand “Child psychology” but before that understand “Parent psychology” (Yes you read it right). It is important to understanding own psychology first.