• The COVID crisis can loosely be termed as the “CRISIS OF THE CENTURY”. Despite the multitude terms being used to describe the ongoing pandemic, one aspect becomes absolutely clear – HISTORY is being written, witnessed & documented in this fast-paced digital era!

Few questions are therefore prompted -

  • How is the future generation experiencing the crisis?
  • How do they perceive the threat to their careers and their lives?
  • What are their apprehensions?
  • What is GEN-NEXT`S conundrum?
  • IPHM Services understands these basic yet burning questions which need prompt addressed.
  • Responding to these questions promptly would lead to a stronger connect with the student community and assist in the development of their well being
  • Taking cognizance of this, IPHM Services felt a dire need to get a sneak peek into the minds of these soon-to-be professionals
  • An idea of a simple yet competent study took birth at IPHM Services.
  • Greater emphasis was given to the final year students, who were on the cusp of graduating degree-holding professionals.
  • Students face worrying issues like loans to be re-paid, average scoring for their final marks, getting labeled as ‘COVID Batch’, campus placements, and so forth.

IPHM Services takes a deep dive into these issues and sees an opportunity to help these talented youngsters to tide over the crisis and help them to channelize their energies towards an improved version of themselves.

This shall also help them in becoming Stable, Strong and Reliable Building Blocks of the future society with a Healthy ‘Ecosystem to Thrive’.

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