Team Development Program

Integrated Personalized Healthcare Management evolves into the mainstream functions of organisations, the remote work revolution predicts further possibilities and is here to stay Now every organization need to make new strategic choices and also equally need to take care of employees mental health.


Handling Mental Health

Confidence Building And Focussing

Understanding Personalized Health

Team Bonding Activity

Communication Skills

Setting Up Goal

Time Management


Diet Planning

Analysis On CBC And Hb1Ac

 Follow Up

 Women Wellbeing

 Individual Attention


 Monthly Report Generation On Progress


INR 2499

/Employee/5 sessions


INR 5549

/Employee/12 sessions

Half Yearly

INR 10,099

Employee/24 sessions

Benefits Employee will get : 20% on Clinical Evaluation conducted through IPHM Services Centers and personal Counselling

• Minimum Employee Count Must be 10.
• CBC and Hb1Ac reports cost is not included in this package. Doing the test will be Employer/Employee responsibility